Jon Champs publishes the Sons of Earth Saga Book 2: Damocles

The second book of the Sons of Earth Saga, Damocles, follows straight on from the end of Book 1: Nemesis.

The shock ending to the first book has left readers wanting more and Book 2: Damocles hurtles to a new and and terrifying crescendo. Admiral Baylin and his crews face new challenges as his small fleet are all that stand between Earth and catastrophe. New mysteries, new enemies, and deep plots widen the rich universe of a future Earth in the 2160’s.

Captain Françoise DuBret faces an extraordinary challenge as commander of the explorer ship Heyerdahl, while Procyon Base Security Chief Todd Carollio has become obsessed with the mystery of Professor Kagala, while the enigmatic Mr Athanasios and his mysterious ‘associates’ preys endlessly on his mind, as deeper, darker plots unfold.

The Tutankh’s on the Dendera mining planetoid are playing a risky game as the balance their survival and their independence, walking a thin line between darker forces and Earth’s growing determination to rein them in.

What is the mystery aboard the PlanExCo transport? Who is chasing who across the vastness of space? What terrible weapon has seemingly wiped out an entire race? Who did it and why? What really happened on Delta Dorado-III?

Book 2: Damocles is a fast paced roller coaster ride into a universe that’s all too real and stunningly believable, brought to life by Jon Champs. Is it any wonder Book 3 is already underway?