Emirates last A380’s will feature newly revealed Premium Economy

One of the last 5 Emirates A380’s currently F-WWSS will be fitted with the new Premium Economy

Emirates has finally revealed its new Premium Economy class seating, which will be rolled out especially for aircraft servicing premium European and North America Routes, as well as Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Three times in the past year Emirates were going to reveal the new cabins, then pulled back from doing so. Premium Economy seating is an ideal option, and one I have long preferred. It offers for most airlines, and Emirates won’t be any different by all accounts, more comfort, a nicer cabin ambience, food close to business class and preferential boarding. It often does that at a price some 60% less than business class but only about 20-30% more than economy. Most airlines also double your baggage allowance too.

The seats will have a generous 40″ of leg room, an 8″ recline but they are only 19.5″ wide. The width compared to a standard Airbus economy seat which is now just 17″ wide at the hip, is about average for most new PE class seats, although Virgin Atlantic and some others have 22″ width on 787’s, but only 19.5″ on A350’s.

The seating will be introduced in the new year on A380’s and rolled out to older aircraft on an ongoing basis. 56 seats will be installed on new aircraft.

Really not sure about that wood – its a bit 1970’s kitchen unit
Business class-style tables

Premium detailing with adjustable headrests