Singapore retires A380’s, Thai scraps 747’s, 777’s, A340’s, BA gets new 777

As we wait for the interminable news of a Biden Victory (and I don’t care but THANK GOD for it too), the world of air travel in covid crisis continues to hammer large, older aircraft.

Singapore Airlines

Following hard on the heels of HiFly and its decision to retire its A380 (which will almost certainly be scrapped), Singapore Airline announced yesterday, along with a slew of deferments and delays, the retirement and almost certain scrapping of 7 of its 19 A380’s. That brings to 12 the total number of aircraft it has retired and will leave it with 12.

The aircraft in question are likely to be SV-SKF, G, H, I, J, K, & L, all of which range from 10 to 12.6 years old. They’re also the ones fitted with the higher number of 12 first class, but only 60 business, 36 Premium and 333 economy. The later versions from 9V-SKS onward have only 6 first, but 78 business, 44 premium and 343 economy.

The airline has already agreed with Airbus a whole slew of deferments on A350 deliveries and is said to be lining up a deal with Boeing for deferment of the 777-9 and 787’s left on order.

Reprieved for now, but how long?

Thai Airways

Thai Airways International, which is technically in Bankruptcy Protection, announced it was selling off its remaining 744 fleet, 2 were already off the books and the remaining 8 will now join them.

It’s also disposing of all remaining A340-600’s, A340-500’s, six 777-200’s and six of its older 777-300’s. In addition two 737-400’s and a single A300-600 will also be sold, probably for scrap.

The fleet will be reduced to 14 777-300ER’s, 6 A380’s, 2 789’s, 6 788’s, 15 A330’s, and 12 A359’s.

At present only 8 aircraft are operational, 3 773ER’s, 3 A359’s and 2 A330’s.

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British Airways

Its not all been doom and gloom. British Airways has taken delivery of at least two A350-1000’s and is about to get G-STBO, a 777-300ER, the second of four ordered from Novus Leasing at Farnborough in 2019.

It’s all very well taking delivery of the aircraft but one has to wonder how long they’ll have to wait to actually get to use them?