Air Cargo “gone berserk”: Q4 & a vaccine new year

Air Cargo operators are bracing themselves for the busiest Christmas quarter ever, with forwarders booking cargo capacity well in advance and for higher than average prices.

Late August and early September are a quiet spot in the air freight calendar and many of the major operators put aircraft in for servicing in readiness for the rush towards the Asian Golden Week and the generally busy holiday periods stretching from Halloween to Christmas then out to New Year celebrations.

The problem for cargo only carriers is that still much of the market is being used up by the empty passenger airlines using their belly freight capacity to suck up much of the business.

Even so, the one thing lurking in the background for early next year is the almost certain likelihood that multiple Covid vaccine treatments will become available, and they’ll need fast shipment around the world to meet demand.

IATA and the World Health Organisation are asking cargo carriers and airlines to be prepared for a huge upsurge in demand to shift vaccines all over the planet, some of which may need special handling.