News: AA, Delta, Wizz, Emirates, Avianca, Vistara

American & Delta

American Airlines and Delta more or less instantly jumped on the United bandwagon yesterday afternoon, with both of them deciding to drop change fees permanently and offering similar benefits to United.

The speed of competition and its effects can benefit passengers – but only when it suits the airlines.

Nonetheless passengers benefit and that has to be a good thing, if they ever choose to fly.


Emirates, which is burning through cash at a prodigious rate, with the cost of keeping so many A380’s grounded but serviced astronomical, never mind operating barely cost covering flights to a number of destinations.

A few weeks ago CEO Tim Clarke said the airline would need a bailout sooner rather than later. His wish has been granted with the Dubai government handing over US$2 billion.

It’s not something the US airlines will really be able to complain about having taken billions themselves.


Wizz Airlines, which is based in Budapest, Hungary, has cancelled almost all of its 32 daily flights into the country as the government closes its borders.

The Covid rate has soared in Hungary following people coming back from foreign holidays.


The Colombian government has supplied $370 million in restructuring support to the Colombian primary business of Avianca.

The airline has been under bankruptcy protection in several countries and shut down most of its other non-core airlines.

Like many governments, they see what amounts to the national airline, as a strategic asset that can’t really be allowed to fail.


Vistara has commenced flights from Delhi to Heathrow, a fist for the airline.

The flights will operate three times a week, and they’re looking to lease slots from airlines willing to offer them. Singapore Airlines seems likely to oblige.

Their is a downside – India is in the middle of a massive increase in Covid cases and arrivals have to isolate for 14 days on arrival in London.

It’s also a direct challenge to BA, Virgin Atlantic and Air India who all operated or plan to resume flights to and from Delhi.