Canada flight testing 737-8 (or is it still MAX?)

Transport Canada is conducting flight tests this week on what used to be called the 737 MAX, because the FAA asked it to and Transport Canada wants its own verification. The hope is that the FAA and TC can manage a simultaneous approval, thus avoiding it being just the US that approves it and encouraging other aviation authorities to move on with their own.

Boeing has started to drop the word MAX lately, in what seems to be a deliberate ploy to erase that three letter word that links the aircraft so clearly to tragedy.

Instead formal communications and several press releases have used the 737-8, -9 or -10 suffices, without using the MAX designator.

Boeing seems to be heading towards a bifurcated approach – referring in FAA related documents to the MAX, but in publicity and sales to the 737-8, not so subtly splitting the old from the new, eventually moving just to using the -7/-8/9/10 suffix for the future.

Boeing was quietly celebrating a tiny milestone for the aircraft last week, as EnterAir ordered two – the first in almost a year.

It won’t be the first time that the 737 MAX has changed its name for a reason. RyanAir changed the name on the 199 seat 737 MAX 200, away from the standard nomenclature. I wonder if that will be changed again?

Ryan Air 727-MAX-200 in storage at Renton

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