Lufthansa to launch Ocean, quality holiday airline

Edelweiss will be the model for Lufthansa’s Ocean

Lufthansa has decided to rationalise it’s ‘fractured’ long haul holiday operation by creating a new airline, Ocean.

The idea is to operate it along the same lines as SWISS operate Edelweiss.

At present Eurowings, Brussels and CityLine have all contributed aircraft with Lufthansa to long haul operations, mostly at Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, but including Munich. The airline has been using four separate AOC’s – all of which incur annual costs, and plans on reducing that to one and reallocating aircraft.

Some of the aircraft such as the A340’s under CityLine have already been retired.

As with Edelweiss, upon which Ocean will be modelled, it won’t have its own marketing and branding operation, but act as carrier for travel agencies to premium destinations.

The timetable for introduction is lengthy, with it unlikely to be up and running before summer 2022.

Four long haul aircraft each will be based at Frankfurt and Munich with another three likely at Düsseldorf. Short haul aircraft will also be used to provide premium European travel.

The aim is to operate with efficiency and be be highly competitive while offering an above-average service. Exactly how Edelweiss has functioned for years.