Qatar to retire 777, plans fleet transformation

CEO Al Baker revealed a plan for the airline to retire its entire fleet of 48 777-300ER and 7 777-200LR by the end of 2024.

In addition 15 A330’s and 29 A320’s would also be retired and replaced with more economical models with lower emissions.

The 777’s will be replaced by up to 60 777-9’s, and the A320’s by up to 50 A321neo’s.

There were also indications that the older 788 fleet was to be replaced by what’s left of a Dreamliner order.

Al Baker made it clear that he’s simply told Boeing and Airbus that they’ll just have to put up with not delivering aircraft to Qatar until 2022, somewhat regardless of their issues over the matter. Airbus have indicated that some airlines are refusing to even talk to them, and it’s pretty clear which one they mean particularly.

Qatar seems to be willing to use the coming years to totally transform its fleet. Its already committed to A380 withdrawal by 2024.

However the airlines somewhat cavalier attitude to the manufacturers seems more than a little arrogant, a theme that runs through Al Baker’s tenure as CEO. His attitude of well if they don’t like it we won’t ever deal with them again, rings somewhat hollow when he doesn’t really have that much choice.

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