Lufthansa Closes Sun Express

Lufthansa has announced the closure of its German half of Sun Express, a joint venture with Turkish Airlines.

While it mostly flew German-Turkish routes, it also flew a number of wider Mediterranean destinations and also on behalf of Eurowings.

Based out of Frankfurt the Sun Express Germany arm operated 13 737-800’s and was due to receive 3 of 9 737 MAX 9’s this year on lease from ACG, but the order is to be cancelled.

D-ASMA 737- Max 9 awaiting delivery, will not now enter service with Sun Express.

The airline also operated 7 A332’s for Eurowings and these wet leases will be discontinued. Quite what will happen to the aircraft is uncertain, all are parked up and all are leased from GECAS so are likely to be returned if Eurowings doesn’t take them on, which right now seems highly unlikely.

D-AXGA A332 operated for Eurowings by Sun Express Germany

The Turkish owned part of the airline based Antalya, is to continue. They currently operate 37 737-800 and have 7 more parked, with 5 737 Max 8 due.

Lufthansa Group is fast approaching a crisis point, with a key vote on Thursday that could see it end up in full bankruptcy protection by midnight that day, unless shareholders accept a bailout.