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The Chinese government has opened up a few more air passenger routes for foreign carriers, while the Trump administration, which is set on winning the November election partly on blaming China for everything, has ended all flights from China, until the US carriers are allowed back.

China saw multiple new Covid cases from returning travellers and shut down most access, but for Trump its more a tit for tat than any real attempt to contain the virus, which the US seems to have given up on.

Chinese interest is said to be very keen over acquiring Embraer, a move sure to upset the US, but Boeing walked away.


The former Bombardier CRJ programme is now formally owned by Mitsubishi. The industrial conglomerate will close down the operation, maintaining only the spares business for the foreseeable future.

They bought the CRJ out to reduce competition in the regional jet market, but are still a long way from delivering the first aircraft.

Delta have ditched their 772 fleet as well as the MD88/90


Delta said goodbye to the last MD-88/90’s and also announced that it would be blocking out middle seats in triple rows until September. Demand is said to be low enough not to matter, and its essential to even get people to fly in the first place and feel safe.

There’s a huge feeling that come Thanksgiving in November, a major effort by many to see families they haven’t seen for months will be made and aircraft will be full, idle seats and all.

Virgin Atlantic

The airline has just announced it’s to fly passengers again from July 20-21st. The first services will be from Heathrow to Orlando and Hong Kong from July 20, followed by Shanghai, New York JFK and Los Angeles the following day. More routes are expected in August.

In June it will fly no less than 600 cargo flights. They’re a lifeline for the airline as it goes about trying to keep its future alive in such uncertain times.

There’s been no word on its future finances and investors for some two weeks now.

Tui & Boeing

Tui has agreed a compensation package with Boeing for the 737 MAX saga and the losses the company sustained because of it.

The agreement consisted of discounts and write downs on future parts and aircraft, as a well as a two year deferment on all future deliveries.


The Indian carrier said it intends to continue to take delivery of aircraft and hopes to be the first all-A320neo carrier in the world within 18 months as it retires older aircraft.

It feels business in India will return to normal quickly and demand will outstrip supply at first.

Air Canada

The airline retired it’s last 767-300ER flying it from Montreal to Toronto. It’s part of a long list of some 79 aircraft to be retired from the airline.

AC is still waiting on permissions and investigations into its proposal to buy out AirTransat.


The online delivery company has leased an additional 12 763F’s from Air Transport Services Group, bringing the total in Amazon use to 70.

Amazon’s growth online and huge increases in e-commerce during the pandemic have forced an increase in the companies cargo fleet.


easyJet has said its planning to deploy aircraft on 75% of its schedules in July. Despite redundancies and internal battles, the airline is keen to get going and make the most of the summer season.

The question is do the public want to fly?

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