Volga-Dnepr looses case over Boeing freighters

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Volga-Dnepr lost its case to prevent Boeing selling a 748F and three 777-F’s to another party in a Seattle court this morning. For the full details on how this came about: Battle over Volga-Dnepr/ABC Cargo and the 748F order gets weirder

The case has also brought to light Volga-Dnepr’s lets say, rather selective methods in handling contracts. How it managed to find money for freighters out of nowhere while refusing to pay handlers fees on contracts were exposed in court, and there are likely to be many questions asked of the company now that its internal management practices have been dragged into the light of day, something it would have preferred not to happen.

It seems the company isn’t used to an independent judiciary and rather underestimated how much of its confidential details would be shown in an open court.

Boeing is free to sell the aircraft to whomever it now pleases, but if Volga-Dnepr have the money, it could just as likely be them who gets them anyway.