Emirates: “no order is safe”, alarms Boeing, Airbus

In a wide ranging open forum yesterday Sir Tim Clarke, Emirates President said that in effect, no order was safe. Not from Boeing for the 777-9, or 787 and not from Airbus for the A350 and A330.

The airline he explained, had no idea what its cash flow and booking levels would be in the the next three years, so all prior commitments were effectively dead, “all bets are off”, he said when it comes to what Emirates will actually buy and when.

He didn’t allude to the last few A380’s literally finishing at Airbus now, but ANA who were to take their third have deferred it and parked it at Airbus. Emirates may well do the same.

The airline is aiming to cancel all but three of the last eight A380’s. leaving Airbus with a hefty predicament.

All of this came as Qatar Airways demanded Airbus and Boeing accept its long list of cancellations and deferments on the same types of aircraft,until at the earliest, 2022. Those numbers haven’t been revealed, but with another major 777-9 customer, Lufthansa, also re-evaluating its 777-9 order that programme is looking decidedly less stable for Boeing than it was hoping at this stage.

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