DSV Panalpina end 748F operations with Atlas Air

DSV Pnalpina who have been flying a branded 748F, N850GT, since 2015 have ended their contract with Atlas Air. The aircraft was on wet lease for five years and hasn’t been seen in Europe for three months.

The aircraft arrived in Luxembourg this morning missing its livery. Panalpina looks set to keep air cargo operations going, but not by leasing its own aircraft, instead it will use Qatar Air Cargo booked service. Its made 88 people redundant at its base in Luxembourg.

Since February, the 747-8F Spirit of Panalpina has not even operated in Europe, instead flying between Huntsville and Shanghai, as well as Incheon and Anchorage, with the occasional trip to South America. It spent over a month in Hong Kong, from 20 April to 23 May, where it seems to have been repainted.

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