Pakistan International A320 crashes

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Airbus A320 registered as AP-BLD has crashed shortly before landing in Karachi. The aircraft operated flight PK8303 from Lahore to Karachi.

PIA has confirmed that there were 107 people on board, 99 passengers and eight crew members. The extent of injuries or fatalities is currently unknown.

Videos from the crash site show smoke rising from a built-up area near the airport. The 15 year old A320 reportedly crashed after a go-around and declaring a Mayday with air traffic control, just after engine problems on its second approach became apparent. It had been stored for the past two months and only started flying again three days ago after Pakistan lifted its commercial flights ban over Covid-19.

PIA has just about the worst safety record of any airline in the world, with a staggering number of deaths and crashes for a relatively ‘modern’ airline.

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