AirFrance withdraws A380’s permanently with immediate effect

AirFrance announced this afternoon (Wednesday) that it is withdrawing all of its A380’s from service permanently from today.

Having decided nealry a year ago not to spend the almost $US75m it would have taken to refurbish the aircraft interiors (they’re as delivered), the ailrine then said it would remove half of them on lease by 2022 and then the rest as appropriate, but likely by 2028.

Following the Covid19 pandemic, and the long road ahead to return to 2019 flight levels, the airline has decided to remove them immediately, making the largest aircraft in the airlines fleet its 773ER’s.

The aircraft are for the most part barely ten to eleven years old with the youngest just six.

Its an extremely sad day for aviation enthusiasts and must be deeply disheartening for those who spent millions of man hours assembling these huge aircraft, which should really have lasted at least thirty years.