easyJet: massive cyber attack reveals 9 million customers data

easyJet has revealed that a ‘sophisticated’ cyber attack has allowed the data of 9 million customers to be stolen and that at least 2,200 customer credit cards have been accessed by cyber criminals.

The breach could not have come at a worse time for the airline which is busy fighting off the effects Covid19 and a rather bizarre campaign by its founder and largest share holder, Stelios Haji-Ioannu to get rid of the directors he recent referred to as ‘scoundrels’.

A vote is due Friday on the board and its policies, but rumour has it that other share holders aren’t willing to go along with him.

Another problem for easyJet is what the Information Commissioner will do about the breach. British Airways lost ‘just’ around 300-400,000 records and were fined £200m – A bill of that size is the last thing easyJet will want to face right now.