Singapore Airlines: first ever loss & retirements

Singapore Airlines posted its first ever loss since it started flying in 1947, a record equaled by no other airline in history.

The loss wasn’t, given the circumstances, that massive at just US$148m, but it clearly rankled with the airline that its unbroken record was finally over.

When it comes to scaling back the business to match the new post-Covid19 environment, the airline is making some sharp cuts, but they’re all aircraft that it would have disposed of sooner than later, only now just a bit sooner.

The older 777-200ER’s, of which there are 7 and 5 777-300’s that are 16-19 years old will be retired before the end of the FY20-21 year in March.

SIA is also not renewing the leases on 9 of its A330-300’s – and they’ll all be gone within 14 months.

SIA wouldn’t confirm that the 772ER’s would never come back to service, and it was also very guarded as to wether or not some of its A380’s would be retired. It see them as a useful hub-hub tool. It takes six just to operate the London and Frankfurt routes and its only recently taken delivery of new ones, replacing the original aircraft, most of which were scrapped. Only one was sold on to HiFly.

The airline is still negotiating delivery rescheduling with Airbus and Boeing, but is doing its best to push new aircraft deliveries as much as two years into the future. That’s bad news for the 20 777-9 & 19 787-10’s it has on order with Boeing, and another 19-A350-900’s with Airbus.