Ryan Air to fly 40% schedule from July 1st but quarantines spread

Ryan Air is optimistically announcing that it will operate 90% of its routes but at 40% of its schedule starting July 1st.

This is a total of 1,000 daily flights but its already up against problems. For one the UK is about to impose 14 days quarantine on ALL arrivals from overseas by air, and today Spain announced it will impose a similar system on May 15th – both of these are indefinite. Other countries are likely to do the same, as inbound contamination from air passengers proved to be a major issue in China and S. Korea. France, and the Italy are also considering quarantines.

“After four months, it is time to get Europe flying again,” says Ryanair chief executive Eddie Wilson.

It will urge passengers to respect measures intended to reduce the risk of coronavirus contagion, including use of mobile-based boarding passes, taking fewer checked bags, undergoing temperature checks, and using face-masks on board.

“While temperature checks and face masks/coverings are the cornerstone of this healthy return to service, social distancing at airports and on board aircraft will be encouraged where it is possible”. This means avoiding queues and crowding, particularly during boarding.

There will be no cash sales for catering on board – which will be limited to specific items – and lavatory access will be controlled to prevent queues.

Passengers flying during July and August will also be required to provide details of their trip to assist with EU monitoring of isolation regulations.

Well good luck with a) finding customers willing to fly, and b) making any money doing it.