Emirates fleet in storage: waiting for better days

So far Emirates have flown 117 aircraft 30 miles to Dubai World Central for what they hope is short to mid-term storage.

A mix of 777-300ER and A380 are lined up for almost 14 miles.

Each one takes 12 hours to prepare and every day somebody goes out to every aircraft and walks round to make sure its not developed a problem.

Their batteries disconnected, their engines covered, they sit with their white paint reflecting scorching desert sun, waiting for the day they’re called back into service.

For now Emirates operates a small shadow service with a handful of 773ER’s. But the day will come again when the worlds largest A380 fleet takes to the skies once more.

When it does it’s going to take roughly a day to get each aircraft back into operating condition, meanwhile the airline and its engineers, pilots and crews wait, as they do around the world, for even a hint that things might return to normal. Whatever that will be in the next two years.