AirFrance must scrap nearly all domestic flights, 50% reduction in Co2 demanded

Air France Domestic Routes and near Europe

Air France have been told by the government that as part of its deal its emissions must be slashed and the government wants to see some of that reached by the eradication of virtually all domestic flying.

In France this is much easier to achieve than elsewhere. The country has one of the best high-speed train services (TGV) anywhere in the world, and normal train links to most towns is relatively available and inexpensive.

The exceptions will be for places such as Corsica which, being an island has no rail services, or to anywhere where you cannot reach a designated hub airport in under 2.5 hours. Having lived in France for 5 years, that really does mean almost everywhere on the mainland will be barred from domestic flights.

AirFrance Hop has was to be rebranded from this livery- its basically a domestic arm of the airline that flies a few minor regional international routes.

The government has also given the airline a target that its expected to cut its emissions, based on 2005 levels, by 50% in ten years – 2030 is the target for the whole airline, but 2024 for the domestic services.

The French government wants Air France to become the world’s most environmentally respectful airline

That statement was part of the contract for the bailout the airline received.

HOP! has 69 grounded aircraft

KLM which also received money from the Netherlands Government, has also been told it must cut emissions, largely by drastically reducing night flying.