News Roundup: ANZ, AAAD, Indonesia, Icelandair

Air New Zealand announced that its permanently ending its Service from LAX to London now, rather than at the end of the summer season in October. It’s also killed off its Aukland to Buenos-Aries route. Personally I shall miss seeing the ANZ fly over to and from London. It’s a sad day that such a long lasting and historic route has finally ended.

ANZ has also postponed its non-stop service to New York Newark that was due to start on 29th October, it will now start around that date in 2021.

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi has been authorised by the government of Abu Dhabi and will commence operations around October 2020. The airline is a joint venture of Etihad and Air Arabia and the fifth airline in the UAE. It’s purpose is compete against FlyDubai and provide Etihad with a low cost option in the same way FlyDubai is for Emirates.

Indonesia has banned all domestic flights from April 24th to June 1st, as Covid19 cases spread around the country and Ramadan looms. Indonesia is the worlds most populous muslim country.

Icelandair is converting its 767’s to fly cargo only for the foreseeable future.

The airline says its passenger services are in dire condition at present and its revenue is is dangerously low.