Goodbye Germanwings

On April 7, 2020, the Lufthansa Group announced a series of measures to deal with the loss of demand due to coronavirus crisis that included the shutting down of Germanwings (2nd).

Lufthansa Group issued this short statement:

“In addition, the implementation of Eurowings objective of bundling flight operations into only one unit, which was defined before the crisis, will now be accelerated. Germanwings flight operations will be discontinued.”

The subsidiary lost its 4U airline code in March 2018 as it adopted the Eurowings EW code. In 2019 the parent stated the Germanwings AOC would also be abandoned.

The airline has been kept operating because of different collective labour agreements. Employees at Eurowings make less money than Germanwings employees, what happens to Germanwings employees is still not clear at this time, and the unions are not happy.