American retires last 767, savage cut in 737 fleet to come

Last 767 arrives from Lima, Peru to Miami.

American Airlines ended 767 operations yesterday with a repatriation flight of 200 US Citizens from Peru.

It also announced that in addition to the retirements already announced of 34 757’s and 17 767’s, it was is retiring 76 737-800’s delivered between 1999-2001, along with 9 former US Airways A333’s, and 20 E-190’s. That so far, makes 146 total retirements.

Another 50 regional jets are also being sought for retirement, and will be identified in the coming weeks. The airline is also planning on rapidly accelerating its 757 retirements, ideally withdrawing them by years end at the latest.

Clearly the concept of social distancing hasn’t reached American Airlines crews yet.