Germany’s new “”Luftwaffe One” A350

Some eighteen months ago a set of exceptionally embarrassing aircraft breakdowns to the current A340-300’s used by the German government, left Chancellor Angela Merkel 24 hours late for a global summit of the G20.

Days later the foreign minister was stuck on another aircraft that broke down in Spain. And that was just the headline issues. The ageing A343’s and and an older A310, all of which had been bought used from Lufthansa, were simply too unreliable and too old.

The German Government finally stoped penny pinching and being overly sensitive about simply buying a new set of three A350-900’s that will last at least 20 years.

This is the first. Dubbed as ‘Merkel One’ for now, the new Bundesrepublik Deutchland liveried A350 looks pretty spectacular inside and out.

This is the first with two more to be delivered by 2022.