Boeing is flight testing 737MAX

Corporate America in general isn’t happy about Covid19 because it affects profits, and share prices. Boeing’s has been especially volatile. With a president in the Whitehouse who seems to think everything can go back to normal by Easter, as tens of thousands of cases spread across America and the death toll doubles every two days, common sense isn’t high on the agenda.

Despite suspending 777-9 test flights, and the second test aircraft due to join the programme, the company is determined to get the MAX issues resolved. With virus cases springing up in Boeing’s plants you’d think they had bigger concerns.

The company still seems think everything can go back t normal by May, yet even the fuselage manufacturer Spirit, has already closed down temporarily.

The flight testing is the process known as “operate like an airline”. The aircraft is run through flights as an airline would, with particular emphasis on the MCAS system and pilot interactions. A small team on board monitors every process and procedure.

Quite how the FAA is supposed to authorise the recertifications and Boeing complete them during the worst health crisis to affect the country in history, just to keep the MAX on schedule, is leaving many analysts wondering quite how the companies priorities have changed, and what lessons it learned from the MAX saga in the first place.

Nobody is arguing that the MAX should be simply left, but is this really the first priority right now? It’s not like airlines are going to be falling over themselves to take delivery.