Latest roundup – flight suspensions, stored aircraft, passenger to cargo shift

Qantas and Jetstar have cancelled all international flights and grounded all of their A380, A330 and 787 fleets. Foreign nationals have been barred from entry.

Air New Zealand has closed its London cabin crew base early, suspended flights to London until June 30. Flights past that date will be operated by NZ based crews until the service is permanently withdrawn at the end of October. Future flights will run as LHR-LAX on United and change at LAX to ANZ.

Philippines Airlines cancelled all domestic flights.

RyanAir has announced that its going to have to suspend all of its flights for the entire group, Lauda, Buzz and Malta Air included.

Lufthansa said it will operate its entire cargo fleet continuously, all 777F (including those at AeroLogic) and all MD-11F will continue to operate to ensure supplies get through. It was also looking at operating passenger aircraft as cargo where practicable.

Transavia cancelled all flights at least until April 5th.

Alitalia has operated dozens of repatriation flights from around Europe and Africa, bring thousands of Italians home.

Air Antwerp, which services Antwerp, Amsterdam and cities in the U.K., has suspended operations.

American Airlines is to use passenger aircraft for cargo only flights to Europe. It’s also had to draw down a $1 billion loan from creditors.

Pressure is mounting not to just give airlines money to bail them out without changing the way they behave to customers over charges, non-refundable tickets and so on. Arguments are growing that if they want to survive they need to be willing to change.

On top of that, US Congress isn’t going to give cash to airlines. It’s blocking executive pay use from loans it will make available but will require airlines pay interest on. It’s also seeking collateral in the form of shares and options to mitigate risk.

Meanwhile while the rest of the world wisely isolates itself, London lets anyone in, Heathrow is still busy, the virus is out of control in the capital and people won’t stop going to restaurants and coffee shops because they remain in wilful ignorance.

Don’t be one of them, stay safe, stay healthy!