No passengers? Move Cargo, airlines grab the chance.

delta are leading in running freight instead of passengers, along with Korean, Qantas, BA, Virgin Atlantic and others. The number will inevitably grow.

You can’t accuse airlines of missing an opportunity, and a good thing too. They might not be able to take passengers anywhere but big A350’s and 777’s can carry up to 50+ tons of cargo and rates are highly favourable right now.

It isn’t that its ever going to make up for passengers but there is a fast growing if limited market to move cargo from major airports around the world in the current emergency, trying to keep supply lines for food, medicines and trade open.

The Covid-19 pandemic has already affected some 200,000 known cases, but probably has already reached half a million. The threat of what it might do is so severe it has the world panicked. Using technology and communications we’re able to reach so many more people, and keep ourselves safer than would ever have been possible in years gone by.

Air travel may have spread the disease but its aircraft and air cargo that can just as easily be part of the solution. If modern aircraft can come to the aid of everyone, and keep airlines in business, that has to be a plus point in this, one of our darkest hours.

Aviation has a role to play, and governments and businesses must let it help us all.