IAG to push mass aircraft retirements

IAG is planning on retiring a host of aircraft. All of its fully depreciated fleets, basically anything it owes no money on or has paid for itself in profitable income will be on the chopping block.

This includes all of British Airways 744’s – currently there are 31 in service but this was due to be reduced to 18. The 18 were all refurbished and fitted with wi-fi in the past three years, so wether they simply decide to scrap the whole fleet or the 13 that haven’t been refitted, isn’t yet clear.

BA is also looking at up to 20 A320 series that are close to the end of their life cycle and retiring them early.

Iberia still operates a fleet of 15 A340-600’s – the worlds second largest fleet after Lufthansa (currently 17). Every one of these is reportedly on the chopping block.

Iberia’s A346’s not old but not economical enough

Aer Lingus has a current fleet of 4 A332’s and 9 A333’s, at least 3 of the later are older by far than the others (though only just around 12-13 years), but all of the A332’s are very much older, at 17-20 years. Those are likely to be disposed of.

Aer Lingus’oldest A332 is over 20 years old