UK and Ireland now included in US travel ban

The United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland have now been included in the US travel ban. The restrictions come in at Midnight US east Coast Time Tuesday. US citizens and legal residents are not prevented from travelling and some low key services will continue.

his is going to be the breaking point for Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. Virgin is totally dominated by US routes after it shifted strategy from a more global spread a few years ago.

Many said it was a higher risk strategy, especially if there was another 9/11 type incident. Well now it’s here and its far, far worse. The airline will almost certainly have to lay up at least 70% of its fleet and lay off much of its work force.

British Airways is not far behind, just on a much bigger scale. It’s already facing – in its own CEO’s words, “an existential threat like no other in its history”.

Our thoughts and moral support go to all those in the aviation business whose lives are so heavily impacted. Cabin Crew and airport staff are the ones who truly suffer the most and will be hard hit by this turn of events.

Trumps 1500’s mentality that constructing walls an barriers keeps anything out is utterly misguided. it’s far too late for that.