Lufthansa to ground all A380’s as Group airlines slash 50% of schedules

Lufthansa is planning on removing all of its 14 A380’s from its scheduled flights over the next few weeks to cope with falling demand.

Group airlines Swiss, Austrian, Eurowings and Brussels are all planning on making drastic cuts to schedules as high as 50%.

In the US Delta has admitted it may hasten the retirement of its MD88/93 fleet by two years.

The coronavirus impact is being likened to the post 9-11 airline saga in terms of impact. Demand took nearly a year to return to pre-9-11 levels.

It’s important to note that so far only just over 100,000 people have been infected with under 4,000 deaths. The infection represents just 0.000015% of the global population. In comparison more people were killed in two weeks of fighting in Syria and it barely registered on news reports. 4,000 died in boats fleeing to Europe last summer alone.

Is anyone wondering if we’re not over-reacting just a bit?