Airbus A350-900F May be on the cards, Airbus in talks with operators.

Airbus is talking to operators about the possibility of an A359F to replace the 744F and MD-11F types.

The move comes as GE and Israel have just revealed their 773ERF Big Twin conversion.

Airbus would suspend or cancel plans to produce an A339F and go for the A359F instead.

Some cargo operators and analysts think that an A338F is a better option especially for express movers, but the popularity of its predecessor A332F has been limited to say the least.

Airbus have just received EASA approval for the A321PTF conversion. An A320PTF is said to be too small and unlikely. Meanwhile 738F’s are in such short supply as the passenger versions aren’t being retired because of MAX issues, that conversion companies are desperately seeking 733 and 734 frames to convert instead.