Vienna Airport won’t build A380 gates

Vienna Airport built one gate on its West terminal several years ago and has been mightily disappointed with the results. Over the years the only airline that used it was Emirates.

Bearing in mind that Vienna is one of the worlds great tourism destinations, they expected more. Even Emirates has reduced its service down to 773ER’s at times.

So in a sign of the times, following the cancellation of the A380, the newly extended and refurbished West pier will not now get an A380 gate.

“What’s the point?” Is the question and nobody can come up with a good reason to spend that kind of money.

Airports around the world are asking the same – those who have built them and found just one customer – Emirates – using them have been disappointed.

San Francisco is looking at loosing AirFrance from its international terminal on one side of the airport and Lufthansa A380’s on the StarAlliance side – the only airline that operated A380’s that side of the airport.

And the story will only get worse around the world as Qatar and Emirates begin to retire there’s over the coming years.

The lack of A380 gates is yet another problem for anyone wanting to take second hand aircraft. HiFly have made it clear that while they could easily sell the use of a second A380, the problem of getting it into most airports the client wants to fly to is realistically limited. Servicing and catering an A380 without the facilities and equipment needed is costly and time consuming.

The lack of flexibility is just another reason the A380 will end up as scrap rather than having a productive second life.