Qatar & American return to codeshares in welcome truce

American Airlines and fellow OneWorld member Qatar, have agreed to return to their code share agreement. American dumped the deal in 2017 with both Qatar and Etihad over the ridiculous row over ME3 competition, now considered over.

Qatar was so furious over American’s treatment of it it very nearly left OneWorld altogether.

Part of the rapprochement May have been encouraged by Qatar buying almost another 5% in IAG which made the single largest shareholder with 25.1%. British Airways is in a major joint venture with American.

Qatar also owns a sizeable stake in Heathrow Airport, a key American destination. The business case for the two to get along is huge. There’s also little point to an alliance when two of its parties can’t work together.

It seems that Qatar and American are now more committed than ever before, promising future, deeper cooperation in future.

American Airlines has never flown direct to Qatar, although nothing is preventing it from doing so.