Is “The Big Twin” the true 744F replacement?

The Boeing 777-300ERSF from Israeli Aircraft Industries & GECAS Cargo

The age of the 747-400 passenger plane is fast coming to an end, and sadly along with it many of the possible cargo conversions. Remaining stock tends to be mostly too elderly to justify an expensive conversion and the 748F is coming to a slow end.

However, what there will soon be growing numbers of, are 777-300ER’s and IAI/Gecas cargo think this is the way forward, with a full conversion to the ERSF standard.

18% larger than a 777F, carries 18 tonnes more than a 777LRF and 9 tonnes more than a 744BCF.

The 773ERSF would burn 191 tonnes less fuel and cary 99 more tonnes than a 744BCF on a typical round the world stop pattern route.

Is this the future of heavy air Freight? If you want to see more go to the full website – it’s really nicely done and especially good for fans of big cargo aircraft!