Gemini Jets To Cease Production for foreseeable future

Press release from KSNV Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — GeminiJets, a brand of collectable aviation models, is feeling first-hand the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis. 

Due to the ongoing work stoppage in China, the Las Vegas-based brand has announced that there will be no new products in the foreseeable future.

GeminiJets and its parent company, Airliners Distributing Inc., are headquartered in Las Vegas, but their products are manufactured in China. 

Typically, every five weeks a new batch of GeminiJets precision, die cast aircraft models are released around the world. However, to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Chinese government ordered factories and businesses to shut down. This has interrupted the normal flow of manufacturing and production for many global brands, including Apple, GM, Ford, Mattel and GeminiJets.