Bamboo will order 12 777-9’s says CEO

Vietnam’s Bamboo Airlines CEO said yesterday that the airline intends on ordering 12 777-9’s in the second quarter of 2020.

With a list price of $5 billion this will be a healthy boost to Boeing’s orders for the type, and the first its had in two years.

This has all been made possible by the FAA giving Vietnam Category 1 status, allowing direct flights to the US and codeshares with US airlines.

Bamboo has already considered an A380 lease to start flights to the US but it’s unclear if that’s still possible.

Bamboo has a backlog of 787’s and A321neo’s on order and strong backing from inside Vietnam, both political and financial.

Boeing has 309 777’s on order 34 of which are the -8 which looks set to never see production. Boeing had hoped Qatar and Emirates the only two to order it would swap up to the -9 or down to a 787, but neither have shown any interest.