Singapore Airshow: who stole the hand sanitizer?

By Tara Jason-King

As far as commercial aviation orders went the Singapore Airshow 2020 was a flop for everyone but ATR who sold a handful of STOL versions to Papua New Guinea and Airbus sold some helicopters to the Thai Army.

Everyone was told not to shake hands leading to some odd moments – elbow bumping became the show craze and nodding a greeting almost to a bow, oddly crept in to many meetings.

And weirdly condoms were being used to protect fingers on communal keyboards and when using other people’s iPads and phones to enter details. Safe texting indeed.

The strangest thing yet oddly understandable as stocks of it vanish around the world in panic buying was the vanishing of hand sanitizers.

Boeing staff were the first to arrive at their stand only to find all the corporate goodies intact but the whole case of hand sanitizer had gone missing. And they weren’t the only ones. If it wasn’t bolted down hand sanitizers around the show just…vanished.