Bombardier gives Airbus its A220 shares

Bombardier has given 25% of its stake to Airbus and 6% to the Government of Quebec effective immediately. That leaves Airbus with 75% of the shares and the Quebec Government with the remaining 25%.

This ends Bombardier’s long involvement in the aviation sector.

The CRJ regional jet family ceases production at the end of the year, owned by Mitusbishi, who are building their own delayed regional jet.

The Dash 8 programme is now owned by Longview who reactivated the old DeHavilland brand to sell it under.

Bombardier gave up its shares to Airbus rather than sell them, as it was on the hook for some $400m in investment payments into the A220 between now and mid 2021, money it simply didn’t have.

Arguably one of the finest modern commercial airliners of the century so far, its real strengths are only now being appreciated. Range and economy with low running costs are its hallmark, although it is still considered an expensive buy.

The argument is that its economics over the long term outweigh the disadvantages.

At least two new versions are foreseen, with a -500 version carrying up to twenty more passengers being urged on by airlines like AirFrance and an extended range version of the A220-300 has also been suggested.