Fly Oriole – really, an A380?

Fly Oriole is a Jamaican start up with some first rate backers but they have just 80% of the required funding, baring in mind they plan to start operations on February 21st.

All of their ads and publicity material keep suggesting an A380 but the concept is verging on ludicrous.

Jamaica has been a graveyard for airlines over the years and the concept of even flying about on Jamaican domestic routes (the airlines stated initial objective), with an A380 is near laughable.

For one there are no A380 capable airports on the island. HiFly have already proven you can fly to unsuitable airports, but they also were at pains to underline it’s a logistical and practical nightmare, and one of the reasons they haven’t taken another on.

Even allowing for the expansion of the airline to international routes, an A380 is a fast way to bankruptcy.

With just days before their launch they can’t even state what aircraft they’ll have to begin with.

I’m thinking this is just a ludicrous ruse to gain attention. In that they have succeeded- but only by making themselves look stupid in the process.