Singapore AirShow turns into a no-show

The usually rather good Singapore Airshow has turned into something of a no-show, with over 70 exhibitors pulling out and those that are going, have reduced their attendance substantially.

The cause of course, is the Wuhan coronavirus which has become a lesson on containment – and sadly events like this are victims.

The impact of the virus is severe – it’s expected to pass 1000 deaths today or tomorrow and the infection rate is still rising, though nowhere near as fast as it might have without the restrictions on travel.

This has had widespread impact in the tourist industry especially in NE and SW Asia and Mediterranean Europe, where Chinese tourists fly in vast numbers. 20 million in 2003 has risen to 150 million in 2019. This tourists have vanished almost overnight.

With almost all flight from Europe to China stopped for the duration the impact of air travel and its ability to rapidly spread disease has been dramatically reduced. Even so isolated cases still pop up. One case occurred in the Pyrenees mountains in France – four people were infected by a returning friend coming back from Singapore.