Cathay Group slashes capacity as China crisis worsens

Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon and Hong Kong Express are to cut capacity by 90% on routes to China leaving just a handful of aviation links in place.

Overall Cathay Pacific is cutting 30% of its total capacity as a temporary measure that could last up to three months, as inbound travel collapses and the Coronavirus worsens.

With pressure to close the border to China and the first death reported in Hong Kong, its the international airlines that are taking the brunt of the problems. Bookings are down and depending on where you live both Taiwan and Hong Kong are being labelled as ‘China’ – something that’s caused outrage in Taiwan, and frustration in Hong Kong, but is the result of a long campaign by the Beijing government to subvert the autonomy of Hong Kong and undermine the government on Taiwan.

Taiwan has persuaded the Vietnamese government to reopen air links and is trying to get EVA & China Airlines back into Italy and other countries that lumped them in with mainland China when grounding flights.