RyanAir Group about to order 100 A320neo’s

The German and Austrian financial press are rife with rumour- and they’re normally pretty accurate, that RyanAir Group is about to order up to 100 A320neo family aircraft for Austrian subsidiary Lauda.

Of this is the case it’s a massive expansion of the airline and will turn the once sleepy Vienna International into a major European regional hub.

It’s also going to put a lot of pressure on Austrian Airlines who struggle to compete on a good day.

The deal would bring IAG’s Vienna based LEVEL operation under fierce competition and easyJet, which has based much of its European fleet in the Vienna, would also be under more pressure than ever.

Another airline will also be facing competition on its doorstep in a market it’s still relatively dominant in.

Wizz has a relatively tight grip on the Eastern Europe market, but as that market grows (its well below Western Europe levels), The opportunity for more competition grows with it, and while it might be branded as Lauda, have no doubt that RyanAir’s principles and philosophy will be right at its core.