Boeing shelves 797X NMA project: will start from scratch

Boeing’s new CEO announced Wednesday that the New Mid-Market Aircraft, dubbed 797X, has in its present form, been scrapped.

The company is going to concentrate on the MAX return to service and the 777-9 launch.

The NMA is going back to the drawing board and the project will be reviewed from the ground up to determine exactly what Boeing should build next.

This is starting to sound like a way to introduce a new single aisle to replace the MAX in the longer term, and in doing so they’re effectively surrendering the 757 replacement market to the A321neo/LR/XLR, because it’s already in effect, cleaned up the market.

However it leaves open the possibility of a late 2020’s next generation single aisle, that could compete more directly with what will, by then be an ageing A320neo family, giving Boeing the market lead in the next round of single aisles.