Boeing blames simulators as Trump moans about company

Boeing yesterday blamed the delays to return to service on the need for pilots to undergo simulator training, and the shortage of simulators which it was largely responsible for.

The original Boeing determination to avoid simulators at all costs because of their rarity, cost to airlines and time taken for pilots to use them (and add yet more costs to airlines), was the reason so few MAX simulators had been built.

Simulator manufacturers have already said they will do everything to increase production and deliver as many simulators as possible as quickly as they can.

Meanwhile Trump – once ex-CEO Denis Muilenburg’s best corporate friend, who thinks he struck a deal for reducing costs on the next Air Force One pair, proven to be just one more imagined deal with no substance, fired in at Boeing as as being “a big, big, disappointment”.

The reason? It’s share price has dropped and affected the already over priced US stock market index and it will affect US growth by around half a percent. Both these measures Trump thinks will look bad on him come November and the election.