Mexico plans on raffling off Presidential 787

The Mexican President, a populist left wing socialist with an anti-aviation leaning has done some controversial things that haven’t always benefitted his country.

First off was the ridiculous ‘referendum’ that hardly anyone voted in, ending the build of a new airport for Mexico City that was already half complete.

Continuing on a theme, the next target is the US$288m 4 year old presidential 788. Frankly few governments don’t have some kind of head of state transport, and this one isn’t actually the most luxurious or the most expensive, not compared to Japan’s 777-300ER, or half of the Gulf states and their fleets of 748i’s. Germany is getting three A359’s, France has an A332. The U.K. in typical understated style, converts a AA330MRTT to a specialised cabin for VIP transport as needed.

However the aircraft which President Lopez Obrador has sworn never to use can’t find a buyer – it’s worth $130m now. So the idea is to auction it off at around $25 per ticket.

The winner it said, will get a years servicing and hangar space for free -$1m worth.

This has lead to a lot of memes showing it parked in apartment blocks and private garages.

A general realisation that actually who could afford it if they won it soon made itself obvious? All they could do was sell it off at a bargain price as fast as possible and take the money.

Reality may mean it never happens, but it seems like an amusing idea.