Boeing 777-9 Business Jet Video and interior

It was revealed Friday the number of billionaires had doubled in ten years – arguably the most economically depressed ten years in the last fifty, where a handful of people now have 60% of the wealth of the poorest 1.7 billion people. Boeing reveal one more status symbol for them to spend their ill gotten gains on.

When you just can’t face a confined space like your own Gulfstream G650, or god forbid First Class on a commercial airline, this is the ultimate in oneupmanship. You can almost see the waiting list from the Gulf states now.

As an aviation enthusiast I’m expected to say how wonderful it all is, how grateful we should be to be shown these images of aviation luxury.

And while I see it, in an age where aviation is under pressure that will only grow and grow over emissions and climate change, the days when any one person gets to fly in something like this must surely be now, or at least some time soon. Having money should not be a passport to pollution for convenience when the rest of us are disproportionately taxed on every flight we take.