New 737MAX software issue adds to Boeing’s woes

Boeing has identified yet another software issue with the 737MAX where a sub routine designed to verify the accuracy of data, basically doesn’t always work.

It can allow erroneous data to pass through and create incomplete or faulty responses to pilot information systems or automatic operations.

The FAA has been informed and there is not yet any information on how long this will take to fix and if it will add yet more time to the aircrafts return to service.

There’s every possibility it could be worked on in tandem with other issues, but Boeing’s resources are being stretched thin as is when it comes to MAX issues.

Boeing’s share price fell almost as low as it was at the time of the second MAX crash on the news late Friday.

It raises yet more questions over the thoroughness and process around the development of the aircraft. It’s particularly important because as Boeing knew all along, the MAX simply cannot fly without permanent computer assistance. This was a result of the aged baseline of the airframe design being substantially altered aerodynamically by the repositioned engines and their size.