Malaysia Airlines suspends its 737MAX order indefinitely

Malaysia Airlines has suspended indefinitely its order for 25 737-8MAX, the first of which were to be delivered this year.

With no idea when production will begin the airline is said to be very cautious over adopting a type that has a fatality record. The last thing that an airline needs, having been virtually driven out of business by a pair of disasters in one year, with one 777 shot down over the Ukraine and another vanishing without trace, is any link to another fatal aircraft.

They’re not the first and may not be the last. LionAir’s CEO was adamant he would dump the type after Boeing basically blamed the companies pilots for the accident. Boeing seem for now, to have offered so much compensation to keep the 200+ order that no more has been said.

Garuda Indonesia has also said its looking at cancellations and Saudi Flyadeal did cancel 50.

American Airlines announced yesterday its looking at June 4th to get its first 737MAX back in the air.