Eastern Airlines (v3.0) maiden flight didn’t go so well

A new Eastern Airlines concept livery on an aircraft type they probably never fly, photo from the airline.

Eastern Airlines once great and proud, returned a couple of years back for a short sharp failure based out of Miami.

Yesterday Version 3.0 failed to impress anyone on its first flight from JFK to Guayaquil in Ecuador.

Staff didn’t speak any Spanish which made life difficult for the Spanish speaking Ecuadorian customers.

The flight was never shown in any of the airport flight screens so nobody knew where to go.

The aircraft, an old 767-300 wasn’t painted in the airlines livery and the interior was described as “old and unkempt”.

And it left some four hours late at 4am.

And everyone is wondering why you would fly with them when JetBlue already fly the route and various South American Airlines operate it seasonally.

Eastern plans to fly to Georgetown in Guyana and even Jinan in China.

The airline isn’t going to use Eastern’s bird livery or logo, hoping to paint each aircraft in a destination focused livery. Eventually.

The owner thinks that this is bringing back the excitement of flying. Already sounds like it’s got about 6 months to two years before it folds – again.