British Airways cries foul over Flybe bailout

As inevitable as the sun rising in the East, Willie Walsh and BA are moaning about the bailout of Flybe.

Rather than moan about the bailout, which they hate because Virgin Atlantic are involved, perhaps they should think about the fact they are BRITISH Airways.

It might seem mildly ridiculous but there are six times more regional U.K. airports linked to Amsterdam Schipol than to London Heathrow.

British Airways and IAG utterly dominate Heathrow – some 56% of all the slots at the airport are controlled by them.

Only 6 British Airports – are linked to Heathrow by domestic flights and only one of those is allocated to Flybe, its only slot at Heathrow.

Flybe’s value is its intra-UK routes, transferring passengers from regional to regional airports. Almost no other airline does this, British Airways isn’t in the least bit interested in operating such routes.

British Airways is opposed to the expansion of Heathrow because it threatens its dominance. It wants to see Flybe fail and die because that would force more people to use its services and enshrine its Heathrow to regional airports routes even more deeply into the monopoly they already have.

BA wants its cake and eat it too, this is just cynical moaning on their part and typical of their attitude. If they put the British back into their business they might think how they too could serve the public and the distant, difficult to connect places around the edge of the United Kingdom.

easyJet and RyanAir are also moaning even though they too provide no services from the regions to Heathrow.

The British regional connectivity problem to Heathrow is a scandal. British Airways is as much part of that problem as anything else.